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Sustainable gardening practices showcased at Chillogan Chilli & Rum Festival 2024

Date Published: 06/05/2024

As more and more farming is required to feed Earth’s burgeonoing population, our soils are being degraded at alarming speed.

A Logan-based company, EarthFoods, is changing that one day at a time with their amazing product using nature’s own biomes to put back what hundreds of years of farming has stolen from the earth’s mantle.

“Even if we all start using it on our own plants at home, the need for artificial fertilisers is reduced.  On a global level, we are helping large-format agricultural companies transform depleted soils and creating a sustainable way of farming,” said CEO, Bronwyn

“We’re excited to be part of Chillogan to show how our product can help all those chilli plant owners who dream of big, fat, juicy fruit on their plants and want to find a way to do it that’s both affordable and sustainable,” she said.

You’ll find the effervescent Bronwyn and EarthFoods right next to the Infusions Chilli Farm stand, so make sure you ask her all about how you can become sustainable in your chilli growing.

Scarlett Habanero with Bronwyn of EarthFoods.